A Community Celebrating and Sharing God’s Love

Welcome to St Mary Magdalene!  We know that people come to church seeking many different things: a fresh worship experience, a sanctuary for rest and healing, a social network (the face-to-face kind), connection with long-time friends, a deeper relationship with God, or a first-time introduction to the Way of Jesus. Some may not yet know why the Spirit has led them here.  

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your spiritual journey, and to become your companions on the way for however long you may be with us.  We are blessed to have you visit our site and consider joining us this weekend.


Rev. Bruce H. Swinehart

An Easter Message from Presiding Bishop The Rt. Rev Michael Curry

When I get to Heaven, I want to meet one person, and her name is Mary Magdalene. Because if ever there was another 'Hallelujah, Anyhow' sister, it was Mary Magdalene. And her life, and her example, tells us what it means to follow in the way of Jesus, in the Way of Love. Mary Magdalene showed up when others would not. Mary Magdalene spoke up when others remained silent. Mary Magdalene stood up when others sat down. John's Gospel tells us that when many of the disciples fled and abandoned Jesus, Mary Magdalene stood by him at the cross. 'Hallelujah, Anyhow.' 

Building Our Spiritual House:
A Capital Campaign for St. Mary Magdalene

On Sunday, April 7, at 10:00am we kicked off our 2019 Capital Campaign. This campaign will raise funds to repair and improve our building and property. 10% of all proceeds will be given to fund the reconstruction of St. Paul’s School in Petit Trout de Nippes, Haiti. Click here to read more, pledge, and donate. Please plan to join us on Sunday, May 5 for our Ingathering Celebration!

Simple Worship, Rich Tradition

We are a community celebrating and sharing God’s love with our neighbors in Boulder Valley and beyond. We worship simply, with a deep appreciation for the liturgical tradition of the Episcopal Church. All are welcome.

Weekly Service Times:

Saturday @ 5:00pm Sunday @ 8:00am (no music) & 10:00am

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Upcoming at St. Mary Magdalene