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Taize' with Eucharist

The style of worship in this evening’s service began many years ago in the ecumenical French monastic community of Taize’.

In its desire to welcome everyone, the Taize’ Community - a meting place for many thousands of of young adults from every continent seeks to render its prayer as accessible as possible.  The Taize’ songs enable a large crowd, which changes every week and has no common language, to take an active part.  Through the beauty of the songs, the prayers together communicates joy from God in our human world.

The songs also sustain personal prayer.  For countless Christians through the centuries, a few words taken up again and again unceasingly have provided a means of contemplation.  Little by little they create an inner unity in God.  And when the words are sung, perhaps they reach the depths of our being even more.

This kind of song, that never comes to an end, eventually underlies our work, conversations, rest, and so unites prayer and daily life.  And the sound of a whole crowd of people continues, day and night, even without our being aware of it, in the silence of our heart:  “Come, Holy Spirit”.

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