A number of years ago, a group of people from around the Diocese spent an annual training weekend here at St. Mary Magdalene. Upon leaving, they expressed glowing admiration and appreciation for our beautiful, inspirational space.

“What a treasure you have here!” They said, as they left for their own parishes spread throughout Colorado.

God’s trust imparts a responsibility. To continue to be a welcoming, safe, inspirational place, we face serious structural issues with our facility. The stucco is cracked and falling, windows let in the weather, doors are coming unhinged, and basic physical safety is jeopardized.

God entrusts us with this beautiful treasure, this beautiful spiritual house - the place where we come together to worship, to pray, to sing, to baptize, to bury, to wed, to party, to eat, and to study - the place where we are becoming living stones chosen by God to build The Kingdom.

We need expanded space to accommodate our growing congregation with a new kitchen, more space for educational programs, additional multipurpose gathering space, and more offices.

To accomplish these goals, we anticipate that we will need to raise an estimated $1,200,000!

In keeping with our historical commitment to our brothers and sisters at St. Paul’s School, it is appropriate to accompany our own rebuilding project with a 10% tithe commitment to the rebuilding of the St. Paul’s School in Petit Trout de Nippes, Haiti through Colorado Haiti Project. Find out more here >

We, the living stones, are chosen now to rebuild this place into a strong physical structure that reflects our resolve to continue growing into a holy priesthood that welcomes everyone in and sends them out to be the church in the world. Let’s all join together sacrificially to meet this ambitious goal.

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