Serving on the SMM Vestry is Both Difficult and Easy
By Zach Baze
When I was asked to consider joining the SMM Vestry this time three years ago, I was reluctant to consider serving. I was new-ish to SMM. I was busy with two young boys and a new job. I wasn’t sure I had a lot of expertise to offer. After some prayer (and some persuading) I said yes to being considered and was elected. I’m glad I did.
Serving on the Vestry is both difficult and easy. It’s serious business but deeply rewarding. It gives you a glimpse into the entire functioning of the church and offers a deep and complete understanding of everything we do and all of the lives we touch. It requires patience, prayer, discretion and commitment.
But the rewards are many: deep relationships formed with other parishioners and clergy, a feeling of pride in everything we do (and the way we do it) and the sense of responsibility that comes from representing each and every one of you.
If you’ve ever been interested, now is a great time to consider nominating yourself for Vestry. While our hard work is never done, our momentum is considerable and the next three years promise to be an exciting chapter in the life of St. Mary Magdalene.
Please let Fr. Bruce or any member of the Vestry know if you have questions or would like to stand for election for the upcoming 3-year term. Or you can notify Colleen Brolin, the Vestry Clerk, directly.  Please provide her with a short bio that includes your reasons for wanting to serve on the vestry and a digital photo.
NOTE: The deadline for nominations is January 6th. Elections will take place at our Annual Parish Meeting on January 27th.