Welcome to St Mary Magdalene!  Most of the service notes below are included in each week’s bulletin.  If you have other questions, please contact our office at office@smmboulder.org or 303.530.1421 (office hours).   About Us >   Clergy >   This Week’s Services >

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Children:  Children are always welcome at all services.  The nursery is staffed and available for children 0-2 years at the beginning of the 10am Sunday service (9am summer).  During the school year, children 3 years-Kindergarten meet in the Godly Play room next to the nursery following the Children’s Homily at the 10am service; grades 1-5 meet in the education wing; and youth group meets in the basement the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  During the summer we combine our classes into one group: children in preschool through 5th grade to meet in the Godly Play room next to the nursery following the Children’s Homily at the 9am service; they will be hearing stories from the life of Jesus and may be invited to take the story outside on nice days.
Important locations:  The first left after entering from the parking lot leads to the office area, the restroom, nursery and Godly Play rooms, and (at the end) the church library.  Straight ahead from the entryway is the Welcome Center on the left and the kitchen on the right, followed by the sanctuary with the service bulletins and children’s worksheets on the right at the entrance.

Dress Code?:  Only for our worship leaders, who usually wear robes. Among our congregation, the average is relaxed and casual, but you will see a fashion variety: “Sunday best,” business casual, jeans, Hawaiian shirts, …
Frequency:  St. Mary Magdalene offers three weekend services. The first is a year-round Contemplative Eucharist on the first and second Saturday evenings at 5:00, Holden Evensong service with Eucharist on the third Saturday and Taizé with Eucharist on the fourth and fifth Saturdays. On Sundays during the school year, there is an 8:00 a.m. service (without music) and a 10:00 service (with music); in the summer, there is a joint morning service at 9:00am.
Format:  The weekly bulletin contains the service outline and page numbers for any of the books that you will find in the seat pockets. The liturgy is based on ones found in the red Book of Common Prayer. Words in bold are spoken by the entire congregation. Most people will stand to sing, sit to listen, and either stand or kneel during the prayers, but please use whatever posture is most helpful and comfortable for you. Feel free to ask someone if you would like help understanding any part of the service.

Music: During the services that offer music, you will experience a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary music from Songs for Worship, and newly written or special music printed in the bulletin.
The Peace: A longstanding tradition of the Episcopal Church is to exchange The Peace with those sitting near you in preparation for Communion. The traditional exchange is, “The peace of the Lord be with you”; the response is, “And also with you”.
Community Blessing for New Beginnings:  Please come to the front of the sanctuary for a communal prayer, if you want to acknowledge and/or celebrate a significant milestone, such as a birthday, anniversary, baby, job, etc.

Receiving Communion:  All are welcome to receive communion. Ushers will invite you to the altar at the appropriate time. The bread will be placed in your outstretched hands; a response of “Amen” is traditional. If desired, please ask the minister for a gluten-free wafer. If you desire a blessing (only), simply cross your arms when you come up. To receive the wine, step over to a chalice bearer and then either take a sip of wine by guiding the cup to your lips or carefully dip your bread in the cup. If you prefer not to receive the wine, simply return to your seat. Those whose circumstances make it difficult to come to the altar may receive communion at their seats by notifying the ushers or clergy.
Healing Prayer:  During and following Communion, individuals who have specific prayer requests are invited to approach the prayer bench to the right of the altar.  Members of our prayer team seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, then lift up a prayer specific to your stated need. Anointing with holy oil is also available. All prayer requests are held in strictest confidence.
Accessibility:  Hearing assistance devices are available at the Welcome Center. For those who use assistance devices for walking, please check with the ushers and greeters for accessible seating.
Coffee Hour:  Coffee hour with snacks and conversation follows the 10am Sunday service (9am summer).  Enjoy the company of friends old and new.