Look With Favor

June 7, 2015
Recording failure:(
John Rutter. Lovely piece, lovingly performed.
We have a choice: To live in love as children of God or to be slaves to fear. Fear is life's only true opponent. Perfect love casts out all fear!…

Leaving Well

May 24, 2015
In this time of transition Sarah+ reminds us to say goodbye with love.

Safe Spaces

May 17, 2015
Sarah prays that we be co-protectors of one another in God's love.

God Is The Snort

May 10, 2015
Alli reads from P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother? and teaches we have many mothers to help lead us from highly confused to moderately confused. To celebrate love so that…
Where in our lives together shall we focus our nutrients in order to bear more and/or new fruit while remaining connected to the true vine?
Note: The sermon recording failed today.:( However, click "Notes" above and you'll be able to read Sarah+'s outline!
God loves us like children so that we will change, not unless or until we change. Jesus said, "Let the children come. Do not stop them." Let us give ourselves…

Pathways To Belief

April 12, 2015
We are given permission to be on different pathways in our journey with relationship to Jesus.