Change Of Mind

February 22, 2015
What are you still carrying? We accumulate hurt and negative experiences and must let go to be free for the journey ahead. Repentance and forgiveness are intertwined, so we repent of our…

Transfiguration Moments

February 15, 2015
The recognition story in today's Gospel is subjective to the manner in which the disciples saw God in Jesus' transfiguration. We can be caught off guard and dazzled by our own…

Speak Your Truth

February 1, 2015
Whether one lies or speaks truth, there are consequences. The truth will always come out in the end; therefore the consequences of truth are blessed.

Refill Your Soul

January 25, 2015
When you're hitting your limits and need to take a Sabbath break from your work like God modeled in the creation story. When you have nothing more to give, push…
Samuel's name means "God has heard." God is listening and waiting for us to say Yes! as Samuel did. We exhibit "Rebellious Humility" when we say Yes to embracing others…
Jesus's baptism as an affirmation of his connection both to the kingdom and His living out in flesh. Our baptism as an initiation into the kingdom of God.
The Wise Men are described as Kings to indicate that Jesus must be important if representatives of the whole civilized world followed His light and gathered to bow before Him. When…

Deepening Intimacy

December 21, 2014
As we prepare our houses for the Lord, it is important not to put limits on our understanding of how God's love will show up in our lives. Our intimacy deepens when we…

Kneeling in Solidarity

December 14, 2014

Advent is about overcoming our complacency and recognizing our need. Prepare the way.
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