Party Sunday
September 10, 2017
Once again the Outreach Committee will be hosting Party Sunday this year as our main fundraiser. There were no funds were allocated to Outreach in the 2017 budget, so these events will raise the bulk of the money to allow all of us to continue our support of the local and global organizations that help so many people.
Party Sunday is Sept. 10 this year, immediately after the 10 a.m. service, with a festive brunch gathering in the courtyard. Last year, we raised $5,800 on Party Sunday!
Here’s how it works. Parishioners agree to host events, and attendees agree to make the suggested donation (amounts vary, depending on the event). Outreach coordinates the sign-ups and tries to coordinate dates to prevent conflicts. At the end of Party Sunday (or during the following weeks), attendees pay the total due to SMM Outreach. Party hosts receive a list of attendees and are responsible for contacting their guests with final details of the event.
In order for this to be a success, we need a number of diverse events that we can all sign up for. So, we are asking you to consider hosting an event this year. Events can be anything from small intimate gatherings to large parties. Some ideas from prior years include: teaching a class; hosting a Favorite Food Dinner; Holiday Party (Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, July 4th, Mardi Gras); Games Party (Bridge, Poker, Board Games); leading a hike or trip to a museum or other favorite place.
If you would like to host an event, please send the following information to Bill Andrews:
Name of Event:
Name of Host(s):
Description of the Event (Please include whether this is a kid friendly event):
Minimum and Maximum number of participants:
Date and Time of Event (We only want one event per date so we may ask for an alternate date):
Email and Phone of hosts that participants can use to contact with questions:
Cost for the Event (note if this is per person, family, “team,” etc.):
If you have any questions about hosting an event or about Party Sunday in general, please contact Bill Andrews.
Thank you,
Saint Mary Magdalene Outreach