SMM has a long-standing tradition of proactive community outreach, including active service with local shelters, programs, agencies, and advocacy groups that serve the poor and the homeless. Our Outreach Committee meets monthly to determine how best to distribute the funds entrusted to it. We have supported a variety of local, national, and international nonprofit programs and organizations, especially those with a Christian affiliation.

In addition to these activities, our church has sponsored mission trips for both youth and adults to various places, including New Orleans, Mexico, and Jamaica. SMM parishioners also support a perpetual food drive and periodic clothing/bedding drives, and many serve in their personal lives as well, beyond the walls of the church.

For the last few years, part of the interest earned on the Legacy Fund (SMM endowment) has been given to the Outreach Committee for distribution to charitable organizations. In 2015 the Outreach Committee decided to invite some of the Boulder and Denver nonprofits with whom we’ve had an existing relationship to apply for a one-time, special grant of $7,500. The Outreach Committee was pleased to review 9 applications; it was a difficult decision, but the committee unanimously chose to fund a new playground for the Children’s Program at EFAA’s North Carr Housing Community, at 201 North Carr Ave., Lafayette, which EFAA describes as “a critical refuge for homeless families as they work their way back toward self-sufficiency.” The playground will provide a safe, fenced area for children and their caregivers. The dedication took place on November 12th, 2015.

SMM has provided financial support to these and other organizations: