New Addition to SMM Library

“The Monastery” DVD is now available to be checked out.   Filmed by The Learning Channel, “The Monastery” chronicles five women who are guests for a month at The Lady of the Mississippi Abbey and documents the challenges and rewards of their retreat time.  It also provides an intimate glimpse of the nuns’ lifestyle and spiritual practices of the Cistercian Order. The documentary provided for a thoughtful and lively discussion for a recent Adult Forum Series offering.  For those who were unable to join us, it is now available to whoever is interested.  Many thanks to our SMM librarian, Linda White, for getting it ready for checkout!  Look for it on the shelf under the mirror.

Through the years, the parish has collected a wide variety of books on the spiritual life including: Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, prayer, spiritual direction, theology, Christian history, and devotional classics. These books have been organized and catalogued and are available for self-checkout whenever the church is open. Directions on checkout are posted in the library. Volunteers are needed occasionally to record new additions to the collection. Contact: Linda White