Buy Grocery Gift Cards to Support SMM!
Grocery cards are an amazingly effortless way to support SMM. Each time we use them to purchase groceries, SMM receives a 5% rebate. So far in 2017 the grocery cards have generated $4,140 for SMM. Let’s maximize our effort and see if we can increase that to $10,000 or $15,000 a year! It is completely doable and is such a simple way to increase the capacity of our congregation.
We have cards from King Soopers for $2.50 and from Safeway for $10, both of which are conveniently rechargeable to a higher amount at the stores. We also have Vitamin Cottage cards available for $50 and $100 but are not rechargeable. If you’d like, we can order enough Vitamin Cottage cards so that you can purchase several at a time to have on hand.
Colleen Brolin heads this ministry.  On Sundays after the 10:00am service she and Daphne Chellos will be at the welcome station at coffee hour with cards available. Please bring cash or check to pay for the cards.  If you attend the 8:00am Sunday service or the Saturday evening service and want to purchase cards and/or you are willing to help sell the cards, please contact Colleen.
Many thanks to those who have been using these cards, and thank you in advance to new participants.