Hands and Hearts
Fr. Bruce Swinehart

When I stop and think about all of the people who make St Mary Magdalene the spiritually enriching, intellectually stimulating, service-oriented, mission-shaped, Christ-loving church that it is, I am amazed and profoundly grateful. Here’s a partial list of our many ministry and program areas (and leaders):
Altar Guild (Suzanne Metzger)
Ushers & Greeters (Shelby Kesterson)
Lectors, Chalice Bearers & Communion Bread (Janet Poley)
Flowers (Sign-Up)
Sound Techs (Bill Ellis is retiring!)
Pastoral Care (Cheryl Andrews)
Healing Prayer (Linda White)
Prayer Chain (Lynn Mulcare)
Eucharistic Visiting (Larry Burgess)
Food Ministry (Suzanne McBride is retiring!)
Vestry & Wardens (Sarah Jane Delaney)
Finance Committee (Ann-Marie Tewey)
Endowment Committee (Robert Beausire)
Stewardship Committee (Bob Poley & Pete Morreale)
Building Committee (Bill Ellis)
Outreach (Mark Christie)
Common Cathedral (Janaki Lefils, Paul Chyc, & Barb Earley)
Book Club (Bob Poley)
Contemplative Prayer (Barb Beaton)
Men’s Group (Kip White)
Coffee Hour (Sign-Up)
Welcoming And Hospitality (Carolyn Kesterson)
The Marthas (Patti Guilford)
Kitchen Managers (Patti Guilford & Jane Rogers)
Youth Group (Sue Crowley & Tina Fredo)
Godly Play (Julia McMillen)
Vacation Bible School (Sue Crowley & Miranda Kennedy)
Musicians & Singers (Matt Witherow)
Gardeners & Weeders (Barb Beaton & Paul Chyc)
Communications (Anne Messenger & Tracy Kendall)
Women’s Group (Courtney Gambrell)
Everyone who contributes to fundraisers and other appeals
Everyone who jumps in and makes events happen
People who pledge and give in other ways
Guys who put the tent up (twice)
And a special shout-out to our staff: Brian, Matt, Della, Sue, Jenna, and Dan
All of these ministries could use more hands and hearts. Did you feel a tickle of inspiration when you read one or more of them on the list? If so, please follow that impulse and contact the ministry coordinator to let them know. They’d be happy to answer your questions and get you started. Don’t wait to be asked (but don’t be surprised if you are)!
I’d love to hear from you as well, especially if you are wanting to explore your own call to ministry – maybe you’re ready to start something new!
In the meantime, I offer my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings that each one of you give to our community and to the world in the Name of Christ.