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Further Thoughts on Mary Magdalene:
What’s in a Name?
by Fr. Bruce Swinehart
I really enjoyed celebrating the Feast of St Mary Magdalene with you all this past Sunday.  It’s good to pause and reflect each year on where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where God might be leading us next.  And to feast together!
I also appreciated the opportunity to check in with our matron, Mary Magdalene, whose spirit continues to shape our identity and our character.  As I mentioned in my homily, I’ve never been in a parish whose name so powerfully draws people into its doors. People come to us because they want to meet the “Apostle to the Apostles,” who was among the first witnesses to the resurrection and who, according to early sources, became a leader and a teacher within Jesus’ inner circle.
People also relate to the way in which her power and authority were diminished over the centuries by her being identified as a repentant prostitute. Our name signals that we are a community that looks beyond “received wisdom” to seek after the original wisdom at its source, to have our own experiences, to make our own judgments.
Mary Magdalene’s name itself also has is its own power.  Notice that she is not identified by a relationship to a man, as women often are in the New Testament.  She’s not “Mary, mother of…,” or “wife of…” Together with the fact that she apparently has the means to provide for the Jesus movement, she is presented as  independent and self-supporting, contrary to the social norms of the day,
The conventional wisdom is that “Magdalene” identifies Mary as coming from Magdala, a commercial city on the Sea of Galilee. That may be the case, but the name of the town is significant, too.  The Hebrew word means “tower or fortress”; the Aramaic word includes connotations of “elevated, great, magnificent.”
New names or nicknames in the Bible usually reveal some essential characteristic of a person’s true self.  Jesus didn’t say to Peter, “you shall be called Galilean.” He said, “you shall be called Cephas, because on this rock I will build my church.” After Jacob wrestled with the angel he wasn’t called “Aramean,” he was called “Israel, because he strove with people and with God.”
Luke identifies our saint as “Mary, called Magdalene.” That sounds as if she was sometimes known just as “Magdalene.” I don’t think that name means, “the woman from Magdala.” I think it means “tower, fortress, elevated, great, magnificent.” She was a pillar of spiritual strength, whose faith was unshakable.  Because that’s what it would take to stay so close to Jesus every single step of The Way.
May she help us to honor her name by showing us how to do the same.
Fr. Bruce’s Vacation Schedule
Fr. Bruce will be away on vacation from August 15th to 30th. Rev. Spencer Carr will preach and preside on Sunday, August 20th. Rev. Lada Hardwick will celebrate on August 27th. Spencer+ and Lada+ will also provide coverage for pastor’s emergencies during Fr. Bruce’s absence.
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Funeral Service for Jack Thornbury
Jack Thornbury’s funeral will take place on Saturday, July 29th at 11:00am at St Mary Magdalene, with a reception following. The Thornbury family appreciates your continued prayers and support.  Please bring a plate of cookies or brownies to share during the reception following.  Contact Patti Guilford.
Funeral Service for Joyce Howell
Joyce Howell, a Heatherwood neighbor who has attended St Mary Magdalene occasionally for several years, died peacefully on Wednesday at home surrounded by her four daughters. Her funeral will be held at St Mary Magdalene on Wednesday, August 2nd at 10:00am. Your prayers are requested for the repose of her soul, and for God’s comfort to her family.
SMM Book Club
Our next book is The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. Pat and Al Jefferson are hosting. 7pm, Friday, August 4. This tells the story of three war widows, and their children, who take refuge in the ruins of a Bavarian castle at the end of World War II. Contact Al or Pat Jefferson.
Haiti Scholarship Fundraiser Continues! 
So far, SMM parishioners have generously given 20 Konbit Scholarships for students at St. Paul’s School in Petit Trou. We’re halfway to our goal! Over the next few weeks, the Outreach Committee will continue to raise funds for Konbit scholarships. If you still want to donate but didn’t have a chance yet, please send in a check payable to SMM with “CHP” in the memo line. Each scholarship is $350, and donations of any amount are welcome! Questions? Please contact Mark Christie.
Return to the School Year Backpack Blessing
It’s that time of year … Back to School!  Returning students of all ages and teachers please bring your backpacks to service on Sunday, August 13th for a blessing to get your school year started right.

Directed by Jeanie Balch, parishioner of St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, CenterStage’s production of Godspell delivers a message of hope, solidarity and community.  This production features new music and updated material from the Tony Award winning 2011 Broadway revival, written by Michael Tebelak.   The tuneful score, written by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin), takes most of its lyrics from the Episcopal Hymnal, with such memorable songs as “Day by Day,” “All Good Gifts,” “Turn Back, O Man,” “O Bless the Lord, My Soul,” and more.
Godspell plays at the Louisville Center for the Arts. Evening performances are July 27, 29, 30, Aug 2, 3, 4, 5 at 7:30pm, with one “late-night” performance at 9:15pm on July 28, and one matinee on August 6 at 1:30pm.  Tickets are $15-$25 and are available at the door or online.  For more information contact Jeanie Balch.
Bake Communion Bread!
We need some more bread bakers!  We need bread for each week in July, August and September. The recipe is simple – making and baking takes about a half hour on Friday evening or early Saturday morning.  Deliver the bread to the church before 10:00 am Saturday.  It is nice too if you present it at the offertory on Sunday Morning, but not necessary.  This is a wonderful expression of service and care for your church family!  Find the recipe here!  Contact Janet Poley to volunteer.

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