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by Rev. Bruce Swinehart
Mothers’ Day is a wonderful occasion for celebrating mothers and motherhood.  We remember and say thanks to our own mothers, and to all who have helped give us life and nurtured us into the people we have become.  And so I add my blessings and gratitude with a hearty “Happy Mothers’ Day!” to all.
As much as moms everywhere deserve to be indulged and pampered (certainly more often than once a year), we should be cautious about overly sentimentalizing mothers and motherhood.  Ever heard of a “mama grizzly”?
Back in 1872, Julia Ward Howe published “An Appeal to Womanhood Throughout the World” as part of an effort to establish a “Mothers’ Day for Peace” in the wake of the devastation of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War. She wrote, in part,
Again, in the sight of the Christian world, have the skill and power of two great nations exhausted themselves in mutual murder… Thus men have done. Thus men will do. But women need no longer be made a party to proceedings which fill the globe with grief and horror.
…As men have often forsaken the plough and the anvil at the summons of war, let women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of council. Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them then solemnly take council with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace, man as the brother of man, each bearing after his own kind the sacred impress, not of Caesar, but of God.
That great council never took place, but I wonder what Howe would have thought of the millions of people who participated in women’s marches all over the world last January…
The Gospels, especially Luke, want us to see the whole of Jesus’ life through a mother’s eyes – his birth, ministry, death, resurrection, all the way through to the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost.  Of the eleven women identified as present at the crucifixion and/or resurrection, five are named as “mother(s) of…”  Seven are named Mary.  They invite us into their company.
Mothering has something to do with standing at both portals of the life-death transition.  I think that’s why, over the centuries, our collective consciousness has elevated Mary to the theotokos, the God-bearer who is our divine intercessor with God.  Some years ago I visited a famous icon in Kiev of Mary holding up her hands shoulder high and palms forward.  My guide said “she’s holding up the wall of the universe.”
So bring on the flowers, chocolates and bubble baths. And send up a prayer for mothers, peace-makers, and God-bearers everywhere.


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  • SMM Book Club, Friday, May 12, 7:00pm
  • Children’s Spring Potluck Picnic, Saturday, May 13, 10:00am
  • Contemplative Eucharist, Saturday, May 13, 5:00pm  Details >
  • Sunday Worship, Sunday, May 14, 8:00am and 10:00am  Details >
  • Readings and Reflections, Monday, May 15, 5:30pm
  • Outreach Meeting, Monday, May 15, 7:00pm
  • Centering Prayer, Tuesday, May 16, 9:15am
  • Men’s Discussion Group, Wednesday, May 17, 9:00am
  • Bible Study, Thursday, May 18, 1:30pm
  • Holden Evensong with Eucharist, Saturday, May 13, 5:00pm  Details >
SMM Young Families Spring Picnic | Saturday, May 13, at 10am
Please join us on Saturday, May 13, for a spring potluck picnic for SMM families with children pre-K through 5th grade.  We will meet at Gunbarrel Estates Park. Sue will provide a grill along with hot dogs, veggie burgers. and buns.  Please bring a side dish to share!  Let’s reconnect and enjoy a lovely day.  In case of inclement weather: we will move the party to Carmel Hill’s house. Contact Sue CrowleyMap >
Outreach Meeting | Monday,  May 15, at 7:00pm
Outreach meetings are open to all who attend St. Mary Magdalene.  Each person who attends the meetings has a voice and vote in projects funded by the Outreach ministry. Please join us as you are able.  Contact Mark Christie for more information.
Homily by Courtney Gambrell | Sunday, May 21
In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Courtney will speak to the spiritual challenges and graces of living with mental illness or loving someone who does.
Meeting on Hospitality and Welcome Ministries | Sunday, May 21, @ 9:00am
Please join Fr. Bruce and Carolyn & Shelby Kesterson for an update on plans to create a culture of hospitality and welcome at SMM, and an invitation to share your ideas and join in. We’ll meet in the library between the services.
Pentecost and Service Time Change | Sunday, June 4
Come celebrate Pentecost at St. Mary Magdalene on Sunday, June 4.  This Sunday will mark the return to one Sunday service at 9am. The new schedule will run through Sunday, September 10.
End of Year Ice Cream Social Youth Group Fundraiser | Sunday, June 4
Stay for coffee hour after the 9am service on Sunday, June 4th, and enjoy an ice cream sundae scooped by SMM youth!  This is a fundraiser event to help benefit future youth activities.  Stick around; we’ll have games!  Contact Tina Fredo with questions.
Save the Date! Haiti Family Fun Day | June 25
Good food, good friends, and families with fun and games.  Join us to support our families at St. Paul’s in Petit Trou and raise scholarships for our class at the school.
Vacation Bible School | July 19-21
We received your feedback from the Doodle Poll, and Saint Mary Magdalene will be offering a Vacation Bible School July 19-21.  The event is open to the community and we will be working along with Shepherd of the Hills to pull it off.  Please let Sue Crowley know if you are interested in helping. We will need plenty pf adult and youth leaders to help us successfully offer a 9 am to 12:30 pm program for pre-K through 5th grade.
Sign Up to Host Coffee Hour and Provide Flowers
Over the coming weeks there are many openings available. Please take a moment to sign up to host Coffee Hour and/or provide flowers on the bulletin board by the church office.
SMM Community Garden Needs Volunteers!
The community garden is asking for more team members.  We are looking forward to a very productive garden; last year we delivered hundreds of pounds of organic produce to food banks!  Contact Barb Beaton.
Coffee Talk | Have a Need or Note for the SMM community?
If you need to sell a car, borrow a baby crib, announce a play you’re in, organize an informal outing, network, etc., send the message out via our “Coffee Talk” email group!  Find out more here!


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Ways to Give Back In and Through St. Mary Magdalene
Generosity is at the core of St. Mary Magdalene’s ethos. Find out more about the many opportunities available to serve inside and outside of SMM.  See Upcoming Events above for more opportunities.


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